About Us

Hoosier Bicycle Supply was started in 2004 when we bought out a closing, bicycle manufacturer in Switzerland. Mark and I have been avid cyclists and have rode, many a race and tour, and even followed the Tour De France on a biking trip, one year. It was amazing and also crazy. If you decide to do that, I highly recommend booking with a company who will take you from place to place. We just packed up 2 bicycles and a tent, and off we went, with no reservations, and no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. We have been on some amazing rides, through the years though, and France was definitely a bucket list ride.

So back to business: Mark has a Masters in Exercise Physiology, and I an MBA, so starting an online bicycle business seemed the logical next step. We have spent many years, researching the best products out there, and we are at Interbike every year, looking for the next cool thing. (Interbike is moving out of Vegas to Reno next year! YAY). We know what it is like, to yearn for the next coolest upgrade, so we strive to bring you the coolest products and the best prices. I also remember being a poor college student, soooooo many years ago, ha, and buying the cheapest bike shorts I could find. That was a painful lesson, and we are NOT going to sell that kind of product. No one’s butt deserves that. When I met Mark, he was a DIE hard cyclist. I knew nothing about cycling. Boy, did I learn. A year or so into “Mark’s schooling the newbie,” I placed first at the State Games. I met Nelson “Cheetah” Vale, then, and still talk with him, when we see him at Interbike. Dude has some serious legs.
Cycling has been a life long passion, and we hope that we, and our employees, can get you the best deal, to your door, ASAP. Our shipping department ships every day, Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays. We are about treating you, but also our employees right, so Saturdays, are never a guaranteed ship day.
So, ride on fellow cyclists, and here is hoping the wind is at your back on that cold and rainy day!

Here is a fun, little video from our visit to France, to see the Tour De France.


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